Their bodies are buried in peace; but their names liveth for evermore.
Their Duty Done
A tribute to the men and women of the East Gippsland Region who Died as a result of their participation in World War One : 1914 - 1919
Captain Dr Francis Spencer Bond – Bruthen Died of illness 1 April 1916
….. saved lives in the trenches at Gallipoli
Dr Bond, who had served the Bruthen community for over 25 years when he enlisted, was 51 years old when he signed on with the Australian Medical Corp. He was born in Queensland 12 February 1864 and married his wife Beatrice in 1891. He had a daughter, Dorothy; and three sons, Frank, Charles and Clive all of whom enlisted in either the AIF or Navy and all three went on to serve in, and survive, WW2. When his wife died at Bruthen in 1914, and with Frank and Charlie already serving, Francis also offered his services as a surgeon with the 6 th  Field Ambulance. He sold up his medical practice in Bruthen to Dr Cranston and immediately embarked for Gallipoli. One can only imagine the conditions and work that he carried out here in the Casualty Stations until shortly before the evacuation. Suffering with his own poor health he was invalided first to Gibraltar and then England and diagnosed with stomach cancer. Eventually he made his way home as his health permitted and died just weeks after returning home and was buried at Boroondara Cemetery with full military honours. While on duty in camp in Australia and in Egypt and in the firing line at Gallipoli, his fellow officers and men spoke in the highest praise of his work and soldierly qualities. His death was keenly regretted by them all.