Their bodies are buried in peace; but their names liveth for evermore.
Their Duty Done
A tribute to the men and women of the East Gippsland Region who Died as a result of their participation in World War One : 1914 - 1919
1031 Private George Davis - Bairnsdale Killed in Action 2 May 1915
….. enlisted with his brother
The younger of the Davis boys, George and his brother Harry both enlisted at Morphetville in South Australia (where the family had moved) on 11 September 1915. George was born at Bairnsdale and was 18 years old and enlisted with his father’s consent. The two brothers trained together before they sailed out from Melbourne just before Christmas on 22 December 1914. Both members of the 16th Battalion, they were part of the Gallipolli campaign and both survived the landing but George was killed in action a week later on 2 May – his body not being recovered. It is more than likely that Harry was involved in the same battle that took his brother’s life and was well aware immediately of his death.
The permission slip given by his father for George to enlist that has been kept in his attestation papers.