Their Duty Done
A tribute to the men and women of the East Gippsland Region who Died as a result of their participation in World War One : 1914 - 1919
There are two ways of accessing the biographies on this website. If you know the name of the soldier you would like to read click on the “Alphabetical Links” bar at the top of the page and then select the letter from the list for the surname of your soldier. The full name of the soldier will then appear in the next listing and the name is the live link to their biography. We are researching the deceased in chronological order, that is, in the order of death, so names are constantly being added. Photographs and up dates are also occurring as the information comes to hand. Alternately you may wish to read stories on a random basis. If that is the case simply click on the “Read a soldier’s story” link at the top of the the “Alphabetical Links” page or here Read another soldier’s story and it will take you to one of those stories. At the bottom of each page is the option to choose another story at random. Also at the bottom of each page is a miniature image of the person which will link you directly to the National Archives of Australia or the Archives of New Zealand website where the individual record can be viewed. The soldier’s hat on the left will return you to the index page to commence another search or you can choose the random selection. Each Anzac Day and Remembrance Day an eight page supplement is printed by The Bairnsdale Advertiser which is intended to be a memorial lift-out of some of those names from that time period that can be kept and read offline. FUTURE PAGES It is hoped that in the future we will be able to develop pages that will encompass those who tried to go but failed and those who made East Gippsland their home once they returned to Australia. We also hope to bring you pages of informative maps, brief synopsis and other items of interest as we are able. Our first priority, however, are the biographies.